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Radio Silence

25 Aug

Gettin' ready to wrangle some Dudes!

We’ve been a little slack in our postin’ the past couple of days. Thats because we’re getting ready for the Jolly Ranch / Dr. Sketchy’s / Trap\door traveling caravan planned for Sunday. A dude ranch has to be prepared to receive the tenderfoots and show ‘em a good time! So we hope you’ll stop by on Aug 29th at 11:00am to participate in the fun. We’ll have our historical drawing tour through the pass and then come back to the Jolly Ranch for the souvenir store, dude lessons, maybe a ghost story or three and some grub.

If you want to know a little more before you come out, be sure to catch Trap\door Radio, Thursday at 2pm on CKXU. If you can’t pick up the channel or don’t have a radio you can listen on-line too! http://www.ckxu.com  The Dude and I were interviewed today by Magoo via skype.

I think we gave good radio.

On a trail ride up to Jolly Ranch

Day 18: Big Red/Big Pink

20 Aug

From tenderfoot to dude:

Day 18 of the Moustache Project

Day 18 of the Moustache Project.


And…a little something for all the dude fanciers:

For the dude fanciers

A Dude’s Life

20 Aug

Rocky heads out for another day of ranch duties:

Duty calls

From the Jolly Ranch promotional literature:

Daily chores are part of the dude ranch experience.  Dudes are able to get involved in all aspects of Ranch life.  Here, Rocky works outside of the main studio.

Two Days – One Moustache

19 Aug

Day 16

Day 17.

Dude Disco!

19 Aug

Dude Disco!

Dudes and dudeens need to get down. It’s an old fashioned ranch rave happen’ here.

Samples from Virginia O’Brien’s Dude Ranch Serenade (1944).

View on Vimeo, or click image above.

Download MP3 here

Historic Gravy

19 Aug

The Crowsnest Pass is full of significant world changing history. Did you know that the very first KFC in Canada was in the CNP? And Colonel Saunders himself came to visit! During his visit he sampled the local chicken gravy and was smitten. He took the recipe and instituted it across the entire the company!

Of course, a good researcher knows that they must verify their facts. So off to the local KFC we went to sample gravy.

Confirmed the historical nature of the Gravy

Dippin' Fry into Historical Gravy

Thick, Luscious Gravy


Why Thank-You, Colonel Saunders!

I would like to point out that the Dude is vegetarian so all meat related investigations are left to me… I’m very full of gravy right now.

Video Teaser

19 Aug

I’m not sure if there are any words at this moment.

Day 15: 80% of Readers Agree…

17 Aug

… that moustaches are super-duper SEXY!


Thank you dear fans–my facial hair is growing twice as fast, due to your encouragement and support.  And now…

From tenderfoot to dude:

Day 15 of the Moustache Project

Day 15 of the Moustache Project.

The Secret Life of Dudes: EXPOSED!

17 Aug


Well, sort of.  Here’s a peek into the dude’s morning ritual:

Walking Tools

Gearing up for for a visit to Mr. Timothy Horton’s café just off the west Blairmore access road.  Junior Boys cued up on the magical music playback device, Baggu on my back, ready to gather provisions from the BC produce truck.

Hey, Timothy!

Google Maps:  45 minutes each direction.

The reward at the end of the journey–an extra-large cup of Mr. Horton’s finest brew, with 1 milk and 1 Splenda:

Timothy's blend


And now, for THE REAL EXPOSÉ!


D U D E   F O O D


Every successful dude and dudeen needs to fuel up for long days of wranglin’, rovin’, and ramblin’.  Here at the Jolly Ranch, we practice healthy livin’, ensuring that our diets contain elements from all of the requisite food groups:

A balanced diet naturally consists of large quantities of olives, tortilla chips (multigrain means they’re healthy), Ziggy’s stardust…I mean salsa in bulk, and cottage cheese (decadent, I know).  But what is life without condiments?  Every respectable cookhouse needs all condiments known to dudekind.

Note the three specialty vinegars–different occasions demand different acidic elements.  Also hummus provides a respite from the everyday salsa.  Fancy!

The dudeen has been dragged down into the depths of vegetarianism (sorry), but at the ranch we make an exception for dairy:

Extra Food restocked the brie today!  We have been brie-less for a week!  And goat cheese from Sobey’s!  Oh, how I’ve missed the goaty goodness…


Lest you think we are paragons of clean livin’, with our nacho-centric diet, I present to you THE REAL, SHAMEFUL TRUTH! Try not to judge:

It’s all about balance, dudes and dudeens.

Early Mention of Dudeen

13 Aug

I’m a research nut – seriously can’t stop gathering. Found this in the Library of Congress Digital Archives:

This is a song! Perhaps, we should learn it?

I love the cover of this sheet music. The typography and the drawing of the three dudes in the background is quite lovely. I know ‘Dudette’ is the contemporary feminization of Dude but I prefer DUDEEN. Lets eschew the use of ‘Dudette’ and embrace the non-smurfy  term.


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