Radio Silence

25 Aug

Gettin' ready to wrangle some Dudes!

We’ve been a little slack in our postin’ the past couple of days. Thats because we’re getting ready for the Jolly Ranch / Dr. Sketchy’s / Trap\door traveling caravan planned for Sunday. A dude ranch has to be prepared to receive the tenderfoots and show ’em a good time! So we hope you’ll stop by on Aug 29th at 11:00am to participate in the fun. We’ll have our historical drawing tour through the pass and then come back to the Jolly Ranch for the souvenir store, dude lessons, maybe a ghost story or three and some grub.

If you want to know a little more before you come out, be sure to catch Trap\door Radio, Thursday at 2pm on CKXU. If you can’t pick up the channel or don’t have a radio you can listen on-line too!  The Dude and I were interviewed today by Magoo via skype.

I think we gave good radio.

On a trail ride up to Jolly Ranch

Catch Up and Moustache

23 Aug

The dude has been distracted by responsibilities in his tenderfoot life.  However, he’s back with a full report on the facial hair front:

Day 19 of the Moustache Project.

Day 19 of the Moustache Project.

Day 20 of the Moustache Project.

Day 20 of the Moustache Project.

Day 21 of the Moustache Project.

Day 21 of the Moustache Project.

Tom Selleck

The Dude Transformation is Complete!

Day 18: Big Red/Big Pink

20 Aug

From tenderfoot to dude:

Day 18 of the Moustache Project

Day 18 of the Moustache Project.


And…a little something for all the dude fanciers:

For the dude fanciers

A Dude’s Life

20 Aug

Rocky heads out for another day of ranch duties:

Duty calls

From the Jolly Ranch promotional literature:

Daily chores are part of the dude ranch experience.  Dudes are able to get involved in all aspects of Ranch life.  Here, Rocky works outside of the main studio.

Two Days – One Moustache

19 Aug

Day 16

Day 17.

Dude Disco!

19 Aug

Dude Disco!

Dudes and dudeens need to get down. It’s an old fashioned ranch rave happen’ here.

Samples from Virginia O’Brien’s Dude Ranch Serenade (1944).

View on Vimeo, or click image above.

Download MP3 here

New Ponies!!!

19 Aug

Newest Ponies! Bonita and Alejandro

Fernando was lonely, so we ventured to Coleman today to purchase him some pony company. We were lucky to find the twins – Bonita and Alejandro! They are velvety soft!


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