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Day 14: ‘Stache and Search Terms

16 Aug

From tenderfoot to dude:

Day 14 of the Moustache Project

Day 14 of the Moustache Project.

Surprise visitors today at the Jolly Ranch!  Jesse, Jill, Milo, and Jesse’s mom popped by for a short visit and trip to the Stone’s Throw café.  It was such a lovely diversion–I hope that Milo cooperates on your way back from Fernie next week.  With a small heads-up, the dudeen and I will whip up a fancy spread in the cookhouse.


Recent search terms that have lead visitors to this site:

Search Terms

The dude pants! Outstanding work folks–keep it coming…

Spa Day at the Sanatorium

16 Aug

It was spa day at the ranch. In honor of visiting the site of the Rocky Mountain Sanatorium (now a parking lot,) we decided to indulge in some pamperin’. Life on the range can be hard on a Dudeen. The Rocky Mountain Sanatorium was built close to one of the many sulphur springs throughout the pass between Frank and Blairmore – about a 10 minute walk from the Jolly Ranch.

Doomed to be a parking lot.

The sanatorium specialized in treating consumption (TB) when it first opened. It eventually became a hospital for war veterans. The application of sulfur (immersion or fumes) is generally thought best for the treatment of scabies and acne. Given that the smell of sulphur reeks of rotten eggs and I don’t have scabies and the acne is mild; it was thought best to use an over the counter form of mud exclusively available to drug stores throughout Canada.

From bleary-eyed to photoshop in one episode of Project Runway.

Infact, the mud reeked of vanilla-y cake batter. This was a special kind of torment but one must pay the price of beauty. The directions indicated to apply the mud in circular motions and then let it sit for 15 minutes. To be extra sure, I let it sit for an entire episode of Project Runway, which unbeknownst to me, is now 90 mins long. During this time, my eyeballs never sprouted maple leaves or honey combs. Very disappointing. I must have applied it wrong. After removing the mud, my face felt soft and dewy but un-capturable using modern day photography. So with the help of photoshop, we can express the radiance of my skin.

It is truly glorious.

Early Mention of Dudeen

13 Aug

I’m a research nut – seriously can’t stop gathering. Found this in the Library of Congress Digital Archives:

This is a song! Perhaps, we should learn it?

I love the cover of this sheet music. The typography and the drawing of the three dudes in the background is quite lovely. I know ‘Dudette’ is the contemporary feminization of Dude but I prefer DUDEEN. Lets eschew the use of ‘Dudette’ and embrace the non-smurfy  term.

Dude Cowboy (1941)

12 Aug

A lovely flashback to the early days of dude ranching:

Dude Cowboy

Dude Cowboy, 1941. Youtube Link.

Frankie Slide

8 Aug

Yay photoshop!

Haven’t been on a horse since 1989 – except in photoshop. Probably should remedy that.

The Dude Wrangler

4 Aug

Rocky fancies himself a dude wrangler at the old Jolly Ranch.  What’s a dude wrangler, you might ask?  From Smith’s Dude Ranches and Ponies:

“[The dude wrangler] is keeping alive the last remnant of the old romantic West in the flesh, as it were.  He is giving the cowboy a chance to keep his identity in part at least and, what is equally important, he is making a reason for the continued existence of the cow pony, or western horse.”  (Smith, 1936)

“The dude wrangler, as the boss is called, has his crops just like other ranchers; but instead of critters (cattle), or horses, it is dudes. … many have turned to dudes as their main crop and either have let the animals go or just keep enough to meet requirements.”  (Smith, 1936)

Dude Wrangler

Dude wrangler tending to his “crops.”

As Smith goes on to describe, the dude wrangler’s role is difficult and fraught with challenges of commerce, authenticity, and customer service.

“The dude wrangler’s job is not an easy one and he takes a lot of punishment that he does not deserve, as a general rule.  He has a great responsibility in many ways and if he is honest, on the job, and hopes to stay and build up a business, he has to give good value all the time.  Competition is strong and the crop of dudes getting bigger and bigger, but what counts is the repeat business.

In the first place the dude wrangler must be true to the ideals of the West; he must be a square shooter and must give a dollar’s worth of goods for each dollar.  Too many types of businesses these days just try to get by, and get it all the first throw, with no thoughts of the future except that they hope there will be enough customers to keep their rackets going on fresh stock.  This doesn’t work in dude wrangling, and a dude ranch to succeed must give its guests what they pay for.  They don’t want just a vacation in the country with a three-legged cayuse to bounce around on; they want a taste of the West as they have pictured it, and they want it both materially and in spirit.  This is possible if the dude wrangler has brains and is square, and if he is wise he will look ahead and not back.”

The bold-faced sentence represents Rocky’s current area of focused investigation.  What is the relationship between the authentic, local experience and one manufactured for the tourist economy.  Sadly, it appears as though Blairmore is not succeeding well in either respect.

Bush Cowboy

An authentic dude spotted in Crawford, Texas.

Who are You Calling a “Dude”?

4 Aug

While common in everyday parlance, the term “dude” has a much more complex etymology.  From Smith’s Dude Ranches and Ponies:

“A dude ranch is really a guest ranch, and some owners like to call it by that name because they think that the word ‘dude’ might offend their guests.  As a matter of fact, the word ‘dude’ is just a brand stuck on a guest of such a ranch and has no idea whatever of ridicule or disrespect … Some guests object to the name of dude, but it has been handed down for a long time and to change it now would root up a lot of work and a trademark that has taken years to establish.”

Dude!  The Big Lebowski, dude!

Dude!  The Big Lebowski, dude!


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