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Lost Lemons and Sanity

11 Aug

Beware the axe murdered prospector looking for lemons!

On the Western edge of Blairmore lies the Lost Lemon Campground… This campground is named after a murderous prospector and a curse.

Two prospectors, one named Frank Lemon and the other Blackjack, set out from Montana to hunt for gold  north of the 49th parallel. The two stumbled across a rich vein of gold. The prospectors went to bed eager to get back to civilization in hopes of getting funds to mount a large minimg operation. In the morning, Blackjack lay dead with a an axe in his head and Lemon was completely insane. No one knows what transpired!

Lemon then goes back to Montana with his gold samples. He leaves the body in the hills near the vein of gold. Throughout his journey he is haunted by the ghost of Blackjack – moans, screams, disembodied eyes follow him back to Montana. A priest believes that the spectre will rest if it is given a decent burial. John McDougall is dispatched north, finds the body, buries it and covers it with a pile of stones. Upon returning to Montana, McDougall finds that Lemon is even more insane and even possessed by evil spirits. The ghost had not been laid to rest.

An expedition is mounted a year later and Lemon dragged along to help pinpont the location. But as they draw closer Lemon becomes more and more distraught and potentially violent. He is sent back to Montana and eventually to his brother in Texas, where he dies bitter and insane.

Others have tried to find the lost mine but Blackjack’s curse lives on! Potential prospectors have been met with forest fires, bouts of insanity and life-threatening illnesses.

The Lost Lemon mines lays undiscovered to this day and a ghost with an axe in his head protects it evermore.

The telling of ghost stories is a time honoured tradition at the Dude Ranch. We gather around he space heater with tea and s’mores and share our chillin’ tales.

What stories frighten you? Tell us your ghost tales!
Frankie and Rocky like a good thrill!


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